Prevent neurodegenerative diseases! Drink coffee like this to stay away from dementia and Parkinson’s disease

【Good morning health / Dr. Zhang Jinjian and Dr. Cai Chonghuang】
Coffee and neurological diseases

The general public believes that drinking 200 mg of caffeine (about 2.5 cups of coffee) in one breath, or drinking no more than 400 mg of caffeine (5 cups) a day, will not harm the body, and it will affect the alertness and Healthy, focused attention can help, and can reduce the risk of depression, and enhance the effects of medications for headaches, among other things.

Long-term consumption of coffee or caffeine may prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, but may increase anxiety and disrupt sleep in some people.

In terms of epilepsy, the role of coffee is still controversial. Studies in animal models have found that short-term use of caffeine can lower the threshold of epilepsy and make seizures easier. On the contrary, long-term use of coffee/caffeine has been found in human studies. Reduces seizures and reduces brain damage in status epilepticus.

Caffeine alcohol (kahweol) can protect nerve cells from being damaged, for example, it can protect the neurotoxin 6-hydroxydopamine (6-hydroxydopamine; 6-OHDA) neurons related to Parkinson's disease from death. Studies have found that coffee beans can induce heme oxygenase-1 (heme oxygenase-1) through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase; PI3K) and p38/Nrf2 pathways, and through 6-hydroxy derivatization Oxidative stress (6-hydroxydopamine-derived oxidative stress) to protect dopamine neurons.

Coffee reduces relative risk of Parkinson's disease through multiple mechanisms

Parkinson's disease (Parkinson's disease) is a neurodegenerative disease with an incidence rate second only to Alzheimer's disease. The cause is still unknown, but it is related to the inability to produce enough dopamine due to the degeneration of brain cells in the substantia nigra of the brain.

Why do substantia nigra cells degenerate? It is not clear at present, and it is speculated that it may be related to genes, environment or life factors, such as abuse of antibiotics, heavy metal pollution and so on. Several recent studies have shown that drinking coffee can prevent Parkinson's disease.

60-80% of patients with Parkinson's disease have constipation problem, and it starts as early as 10-20 years before symptoms appear. In 2014, the team of the Department of Neurology of National Taiwan University Hospital analyzed 550,000 cases of Parkinson's disease in the national health insurance database, and once again confirmed that people with constipation have a much higher probability of developing Parkinson's disease in the future than ordinary people, and the more severe the constipation , the higher the probability.

((How many cups of coffee should you drink to reduce the risk of dementia? The answer is on the next page))

U.S. study: occasional fasting can fight dementia!

[Good morning health / Chen Yuwen]According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA) report, if the elderly only consume 500 calories for 1-2 days a week, it can promote the secretion of a chemical molecule in the brain , a molecule that stimulates nerve growth and helps fight brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The research team found that when the human body is starving, there are two kinds of chemical communication molecules in the brain will increase, and these chemical molecules will stimulate the brain nerves to start a large number of proliferation. “Just like exercise puts stress on the muscles, starvation puts a slight strain on the brain, and this stress is good for the brain as a whole.” This is Mark Mattson, director of the Neuroscience Research Unit at the Institute for Aging. Argument presented by professor at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting.

Dieting delays onset of brain disease

In fact, some previous studies have supported the argument that dieting is for health. Some studies have found that proper dieting can increase the lifespan of mice by 40%, and similar effects also occur in humans. But this study took it a step further. They found that the reason why dieting prolongs life is to delay the onset of diseases, such as stroke.

During this period of fasting, how should I eat? Mattson said,
A daily intake of 500 calories is enough, which is about a few servings of vegetables plus tea,He said:"
Not eating at all is not the best way, instead fasting intermittently, which means that you hardly eat anything in a short period of time, and do not particularly regulate yourself at other times. In this way, Mattson emphasizes, finding the best fasting "time point" becomes very important throughout the regimen.

The potential of the brain is stimulated

The research team also put forward an evolutionary point of view: "When food became scarce, the ancestors of human beings had to rack their brains to find food to survive. They had to think hard about where there might be food, and at the same time tried every means to protect themselves from being eaten by others. Be eaten by wild animals.” However, if there are elderly people suffering from chronic diseases or serious diseases in the family, it is still necessary to go to the hospital for nutritional consultation to learn how to eat the best. After all, everyone's physical condition and disease condition are different. Before fully grasping the information, don't take action rashly.

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自成立以來,Getty Images 一直在推行一項積極的收購計劃,收購了許多建立了股票攝影行業的私營機構,從小型家族企業到大型機構。 1999 年,它收購了最大的機構之一Tony Stone Images;在線藝術品銷售商;體育攝影機構Allsport;比荷盧經濟聯盟和斯堪的納維亞的市場領導者:Word View(1996 年,來自Bert Blokhuis 先生,四個辦公室,金額未公開);新聞專家聯絡機構; Newsmakers,第一家數字新聞圖片社; Online USA,名人拍攝專家;和Hulton Press Library,英國攝影新聞雜誌Picture Post 的前檔案館。 Hulton 系列於1988 年由BBC 出售給Brian Deutsch,並更名為Hulton Deutsch。 1996 年,Hulton 系列再次出售,這次由Getty Images 購買並更名為Hulton Getty。通過收購Hulton 圖書館,Getty Images 獲得了可追溯到19 世紀的英國新聞檔案中約1500 萬張照片的所有權。 Hulton Getty 還收錄了Keystone Collection 的照片,以及Bert Hardy、Bill Brandt、Weegee 和Ernst Haas 等著名攝影師的照片。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

通過收購EyeWire 和Energy Film Library,Getty 已涉足庫存音頻、音樂和音效,以及視頻。 Getty 已與包括Slidely 在內的其他公司合作,讓公司和廣告商使用包含大約200 萬個視頻的Getty Images 視頻庫。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2000 年,蓋蒂以1.83 億美元的價格收購了其主要競爭對手之一,紐約檔案館照片(The Image Bank 的一個部門)。檔案照片庫與Hulton Getty 收藏相結合,形成了一個新的子公司Hulton Archive。 Archive Photos 於1990 年由Pictorial Parade(估計於1935 年)和Frederick Lewis Stock Photos(估計於1938 年)合併而成,這兩家美國著名的攝影機構。他們的收藏包括來自《紐約時報》、節拍器和喬治·伊士曼之家的檔案圖片,以及Ruth Orkin、Anacleto Rapping、Deborah Feingold、Murray Garrett、Nat Fein 和John Filo 等攝影師的作品。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

隨後進行了進一步的收購,2004 年以2000 萬美元的價格收購了。 2006 年2 月9 日,微圖片網站iStockphoto 被Getty Images 以5000 萬美元收購。 Getty Images 於2007 年2 月收購了Michael Ochs Archives。 2007 年,蓋蒂以2.07 億美元成功收購了其最大的競爭對手MediaVast。此次收購讓Getty Images 控制了WireImage(娛樂、創意和體育攝影)、FilmMagic(時尚和紅地毯攝影)和Contour Photos(肖像和工作室攝影)。 Getty Images 還收購了其他子公司,包括Master Delegates,其中包括布拉格的Isifa Image Service 和意大利的Laura Ronchi。 2008 年,蓋蒂收購了英國爵士攝影師大衛·雷德芬(David Redfern) 建立的音樂圖片庫Redferns Music Picture Library。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2008 年,私募股權公司 Hellman & Friedman (H&F) 以24 億美元收購了Getty Images。 2012 年,H&F 將Getty 掛牌出售。在隨後出售給凱雷集團時,據說該公司擁有一個檔案,其中包括8000 萬張劇照和插圖。該公司於2018 年被蓋蒂家族收購。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2008 年10 月23 日,Getty Images 宣布他們打算以9600 萬美元現金收購Jupitermedia 的在線圖像部門Jupiterimages。出售於2009 年2 月進行; Jupiterimages(包括網站stock.xchng 和StockXpert)現在是Getty 的全資子公司。 Jupitermedia 現在作為WebMediaBrands 進行交易,繼續其互聯網出版業務,但他們並未將其出售給Getty Images。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2015 年,Jonathan Klein 成為公司董事長,Dawn Airey 被聘為Getty Images 的首席執行官(CEO)。 Airey 一直擔任該職位直到2018 年12 月31 日,在那時她成為其董事會的非執行董事。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2016 年1 月25 日,Corbis 宣布已將其圖像許可業務(包括Corbis Images、Corbis Motion 和Veer 庫及其相關資產)出售給Unity Glory,後者是Getty 在中國的獨家經銷商視覺中國集團的附屬公司。同時,宣布VCG 將在過渡期後將Corbis 圖書館在中國以外的分銷和營銷許可給Getty。 Getty 現在代表VCG 和Unity Glory 管理Corbis 的物理檔案。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2019 年,Getty Images 推出了Market Freeze,簡化了版權管理圖像的排他性。那年晚些時候,它宣布由於客戶需求的變化,它計劃到2020 年逐步淘汰版權管理圖像,轉而使用免版稅圖像。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2021 年3 月,Getty Images 以未公開的價格收購了Unsplash,這是一個免費使用的圖庫攝影網站。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

蓋帝圖像Getty Images Holdings, Inc.(GETY)上市:

2021 年12 月10 日,卓越的全球視覺內容創作者和市場Getty Images 當天宣布已與由CC Capital 和Neuberger Berman 合作成立的公開交易的特殊目的收購公司 CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II(NYSE:PRPB)達成業務合併協議。交易完成後,Getty Images 新成立的母公司將成為一家上市公司,其普通股預計將在紐約證券交易所上市,代碼為“GETY”。 Craig Peters 於2007 年加入公司並自2019 年起擔任首席執行官,將繼續領導交易後的業務。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

合併後公司的董事會將包括由Getty Family、Koch Equity Development 和CC Neuberger 發起人任命的一批經驗豐富的運營商、上市公司高管和投資者。 Getty Images 的聯合創始人Mark Getty 將繼續擔任董事長。大多數董事將是獨立的,符合紐約證券交易所適用的上市規則。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

該交易已獲得CC Neuberger 董事會和Getty Images 董事會的一致批准,此次業務合併對Getty Images 的企業估值為48 億美元,現有普通股股東將在交易中將其100% 的股權轉入合併後公司,預計在交易完成時,現有優先股股東將擁有合併後公司約64% 的股份。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

2022年7月20日,CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II (NYSE:PRPB) 宣布,其股東在7 月19 日的特別會議上批准了其與視覺內容市場Getty 的合併。文章源自美股之家| 美股百科| 美港股開戶投資-

蓋帝圖像Getty Images Holdings, Inc.(GETY)美股投資:

[Use your fingers to “measure the size of your breasts” 4 hands = D cups

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Kanban Gossiping

author micheal59 (Pohan)
title [新聞] You can “measure the breast size” with your fingers 4 hands = D cup
time Mon Feb 7 23:09:57 2022

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1. Media source: ETtoday News Cloud

2. Reporter’s signature: Reporter Shi Yixuan/comprehensive report

3. Full news headline:
You can “measure the breast size” with your fingers. 4 hands = D cup!She undressed and measured: really accurate

4. Complete news content:

Girls want to know the breast cup size, most of them will use a soft ruler to measure and convert, measure the upper bust and lower bust, and then convert it
The size of the cup, but some netizens shared a simple, fast and accurate measurement method, “Measure with your finger”, one finger
The head represents a cup, first lean the body forward 45 degrees, place the hand under the chest in a gesture of 4, and see that the point of the nipple is vertically aligned
With any finger, you can know how many cups it is.

The original PO posted on Dcard, the roommate found a super-accurate method for measuring cups, after taking off the underwear, the body leaned forward 45 degrees
snap off the thumb, stick the 4 fingers together and hold the lower edge of the chest, observe which finger the nipple falls to when it is vertical
“One finger represents a cup, if one hand is not enough, you can put two hands side by side, so that 8 fingers
energy to H”.

The original PO said that the roommates’ cups range from C to F, and they are all accurate in measurement, with an error of no more than one finger. “However, we
Roommates are all 34-36 in the lower circumference. I am not sure if the measurement is accurate if the measurement is below 32 and above 38. I wonder if everyone can measure it accurately? “


▲Lean your body forward and measure with your fingers. (Picture / flip from Dcard)

As soon as the post came out, many people took measurements, “36D, really four fingers”, “32E, really five fingers”, “I am 34
D, rushing to the mirror in an instant and looking at it is really 4 fingers, so amazing, but the most amazing thing is to find this method, how is this method?
Discovered”, “36G, just asked my boyfriend to be sure”, “I’m 34D! About 4 and a half fingers! Super cool”, “Roommate is too strong
I have about 7 to 8 fingers, and I usually wear G or H.”

However, there are also situations where “the measured amount is larger than the actual value”, “I measured five, but only C”, “I have 4 fingers but can’t
32C”, “36D, 6 fingers, is this a new type of happy cup”, “I measure it with 4 fingers, but I only have 32B”, “Usually
Big C and small D, the measurement is 7 fingers, the difference is almost doubled, do you want to buy new underwear”, “I measure it like a D cup, but I wear it

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push kairi5217: Okay, my fingers are ready ㄋㄟㄋㄟ1F Taiwan 02/07 23:10
jma306: Let me try on the fifth floor2F Taiwan 02/07 23:10
hush boy come: Netizen, your mother is a trash reporter3F Germany 02/07 23:10
push ansfan: Taiwanese girls are not old4F Taiwan 02/07 23:10
push higameboy: Downstairs, you can know the size of your breasts by visual inspection5F Taiwan 02/07 23:10
push Arjui: I do not believe!Girlfriend come out and let me try it6F Taiwan 02/07 23:11
hush derrick1220: I am D7F Taiwan 02/07 23:12
push tamama000: Let me test it first9F Taiwan 02/07 23:14
push a2121257z: I just tried it on my friend…now who can10F Taiwan 02/07 23:16
a2121257z: Come to the police station to bail me out
kingofsdtw: I D…12F Taiwan 02/07 23:17
push Dark Illusion: Fat house, I seem to have a B13F Taiwan 02/07 23:17
Boasoul: I believe that someone in front of the screen is measuring the fat house, I am not talking about you14F Taiwan 02/07 23:18
push wilson3435: I found Ben Fat…15F Taiwan 02/07 23:20
push zakijudelo: Can anyone let me try16F Taiwan 02/07 23:21
hush behave: The low-energy card reposted the low-energy map of China, and the reporter reposted the low-energy17F Taiwan 02/07 23:24
behave: Card…
push kanpfer: Fat houses follow suit19F Taiwan 02/07 23:28
benptt: Stomach D.. .20F Taiwan 02/07 23:38
push almanac: Mine stands up with Z21F Taiwan 02/07 23:58
ROUTE777: Is the nipple length also counted?22F Taiwan 02/08 00:13
push germania: It is best to have D or above23F Taiwan 02/08 00:41
push touchbird: G tits are really big24F Taiwan 02/08 01:00
push Kelvinchen: The gossip fat house is also measured25F Taiwan 02/08 01:04
push yangnana: Every fat house has a C26F Taiwan 02/08 01:25
push aaaaaaaaaa: No picture, no evidence ==27F Taiwan 02/08 01:28
push NCTUEE800808: Princess Taiping, a girl from other provinces, is smaller than a fat house28F Taiwan 02/08 02:25
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push rap nose: The downstairs support 00 Gundam is leaning forward at 45° and is about to reach the instant map.30F Taiwan 02/08 17:56