[Use your fingers to “measure the size of your breasts” 4 hands = D cups

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title [新聞] You can “measure the size of your breasts” with your fingers. 4 hands = D cup
time Mon Feb 7 23:09:57 2022

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You can “measure the size of your breasts” with your fingers. 4 hands = D cup!Her undressing test: really accurate

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Girls want to know the breast cup, most of them will use a soft ruler to measure and convert, measure the upper bust and lower bust, you can convert it
Cup size, but some netizens shared a simple, fast and accurate measurement method, “measure with your finger”, one finger
The head represents a cup, first tilt the body forward 45 degrees, place your hand under the chest with a gesture of 4, and look at the nipples vertically to the point
Which finger you know how many cups it is.

The original PO posted on Dcard, and the roommate found a method to measure the cups that is super accurate. After taking off the underwear, the body leans forward 45 degrees.
Buckle the thumb, stick the 4 fingers together and hold the lower edge of the chest, and observe which finger the nipple falls to after the nipple is vertical
Head, “One finger represents one cup, if one hand is not enough, you can put both hands side by side, so that there are 8 fingers
energy to H”.

The original PO said that the cups of the roommates are C ~ F, and the measurement is accurate, the error is no more than one finger, “But we
Roommates have a lower circumference of 34 to 36. I am not sure if it is accurate to measure below 32 and above 38. I am curious if it is accurate? “



▲ Lean your body forward and measure with your fingers. (Picture / Retrieved from Dcard)

As soon as the post came out, many people started to measure, “36D, really four fingers”, “32E, really five fingers”, “I 34
D, rushing to the mirror in an instant is really 4 fingers, so amazing, but the most amazing thing is that you can find this method, how is this method?
I found it”, “36G, I just asked my boyfriend to measure accurately”, “I’m 34D! About 4 and a half fingers! Super cool”, “The roommate is too strong
I have almost 7 to 8 fingers, and I usually wear G or H.”

However, there are also netizens who “measured more than the actual size”, “I measured five, but only C”, “I have four fingers but

32C”, “36D, 6 fingers, is this the new happy cup”, “I measure 4 fingers, but I only have 32B”, “Usually
Big C, small D, measuring 7 fingers, almost double the difference, are you going to buy new underwear?”, “I measure D cups like this, but I wear

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